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Hello everyone! My name is Sandy Kamen Wisniewski and I am the founder and director of Animal Education and Rescue, a full service humane society, based in Illinois in the USA.

If you are reading this we so appreciate you taking the time to learn about Summer, a two-year-old pit bull that came into our care on December 22, 2017. Summer is truly a modern day miracle and should have died but didn’t. And now she spreads joy wherever she goes!

On December 22 we were called to assist a man who was checking on a friend’s dog at the dog owner’s request. When he arrived the dog, named Summer, was severely emaciated and unable to move at all. Summer’s owner was at work and claimed that she had been out of town for a week visiting relatives and that the neighbor she asked to check on Summer “must not have shown up.”

At the friend’s request we raced over there and when we arrived we discovered Summer, on her side on the kitchen floor barely breathing and unable to move, near death. She was not only emaciated, every rib showing and her hipbones protruding, but she was completely dehydrated. I gave her fluid under the skin, knowing that she needed to be hydrated immediately if she were to have any chance of surviving.

Speaking to the owner on the phone she said she could not afford to take Summer to the vet and she said she didn’t know how Summer got that way, other than a neighbor supposedly not coming in to take care of her. She relinquished Summer to us so we could take Summer directly to the animal hospital.

Summer spent a week at the animal hospital, receiving fluid under the skin and being force-fed. She still couldn’t move and we were baffled. I had never known a case of starvation where the dog didn’t bounce back within a week. We certainly did not believe that she got that way in a week, even if the owner had been gone seven days and no one had checked on her. It didn’t add up. So we picked her up at the animal hospital and brought her to an internist to see if they could find anything else wrong with her.

Examining Summer and looking at all the tests we had done, the doctor concluded that it was severe starvation and that we needed to just give her time to recover. I brought her to my house where for three additional weeks I hand fed her and bathed her. As an energy healing I did many energy-healing sessions for her and we also did a group energy healing for her.

Then one afternoon Summer just stood up! Just like that! She was wobbly on her feet for a few days but soon she began trotting around and then running! Shortly after that she started playing with the other dogs and we saw her personality blossom!

Today, as I write this, Summer is a joyful, happy dog that loves every single person she meets. She lives with me at my home, affectionately nicknamed “the orphanage.” Summer loves her life so much! She also loves to play and roughhouse with the other dogs so much that we have coined our dog room, “Summer’s Romper Room.”

Just a few days ago we decided to make it official and my husband Chuck and I adopted Summer. It’s the least we could do after all she’s been through. Now Summer will be a full time volunteer for Animal Education and Rescue.

In case you were wondering about if anyone is being held responsible for staving Summer, I’ll share information on that too. I am a humane investigator and so when that man called us to help with Summer on December 22, he was calling the right person. I launched an investigation almost immediately and after diligent documentation and communication with the local police, a warrant has been issued for Summer’s previous owner’s arrest. Summer’s owner is innocent until proven guilty and will have her day in court.

Thank you so much for reading this and supporting us! Follow us on our active Facebook page too!

Much love and peace to you, your animals and to the world as a whole!!

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski Animal Education and Rescue – Lake County humane society | Animal Education & Rescue


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